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Deutsches Stiftungszentrum (German Foundation Centre)

Deutsches Stiftungszentrum GmbH (DSZ) is in charge of the administration of all three foundations. It performs the following tasks:

  • Investing the foundation's assets with the exception of endowments in the form of participations in special-purpose vehicles
  • Executing the resolutions of the foundation's Executive Board
  • Supporting committees
  • Maintaining contact with the foundation supervisory authority, the tax office, the founder (KfW) and True Sale International GmbH, and
  • Annual accounting and reporting


Stiftungssachbearbeiterin im Team "Kultur und Internationales" im Deutschen Stiftungszentrum

Sylvia Schimion
Foundation Advisor on the ‘Culture and International Affairs‘ Team at the German Foundation Centre

T  0201 8401-218
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True Sale International GmbH

The foundations have delegated the following tasks to True Sale International GmbH (TSI):

  • Support for the funding work of the foundations
  • Support with endowment and administration of business shares (special purpose vehicles)
  • Maintaining contacts with foundation boards, the foundation supervisory authority, the tax office, the founder (KfW) and the DSZ
  • Support for committees


Jan-Peter Hülbert
Managing Director TSI

T  + 49 69 2992 -1730
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Dr Christian Fahrholz
Director of TSI

T  + 49 69 2992 -1725
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True Sale International GmbH

Mainzer Landstrasse 61
60329 Frankfurt am Main

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