The Capital Markets Union foundation project publishes and promotes, in particular, research reports. These should be in line with the objectives of the foundation's project. Eligibility for funding is determined in particular by the practical relevance of the specific research topic. The core questions to be investigated in research should therefore address topics and problem areas that are of high interest for bank and capital market financing in Germany and Europe from a scientific, financial and real economic perspective.

The research reports are prepared by the commissioned scientists and in dialogue with practitioners. These are financial experts and capital market specialists from banks, law firms, auditors and the real economy. The project results are presented jointly by academics and practitioners in workshops and at conferences and events and are thus disseminated. In addition, the research reports and a summary of the results can be published on the joint website of the foundations and the foundation project.

Ideas for concrete studies and scientific reports can be sent to the executive boards of all three foundations via the German Foundation Centre (see contact details).


Further publications in the interest of the Capital Markets Union foundation project can be found below.



Research reports

Financial markets in times of global megatrends

March 2023 – September 2023

The research report

Active credit risk, capital and liquidity management: An analysis of asset-based instruments (in German) 

October 2021 – September 2022

The research report

Unternehmensfinanzierung der maritimen Industrie in Deutschland unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Asset-Based-Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten (in German)

August 2020 – February 2022

The research report

Die zukünftige Vernetzung bankbasierter Unternehmensfinanzierung in Deutschland mit den internationalen Kapitalmärkten (in German)

February – September 2020

The research report

Further Publications

Final report "German Securitisation Platform"

September 2023

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