Capital Markets Union Foundation Project

Against the backdrop of the European discussion and efforts to sustainably improve capital market financing and the interlinkage of bank financing and capital markets, the three foundations decided in autumn 2017 to more strongly integrate their academic funding in this area and to jointly contribute to practice-oriented academic research into the further development of capital market-related corporate financing and its interlinkage with bank financing and capital markets.

Against this background, each of the three foundations has contributed the necessary funds to the joint Science and Practice project entitled ‘European Financial Markets Union: the future of corporate finance, financial market regulation and capital market law‘. The project began funding activities in 2018 and is initially scheduled to run for a period of ten years.

Objectives of the foundation project

  • Organise the exchange on relevant specialist topics between academia and practitioners from the real economy, politics, the financial market and supervision
  • Examine the significance of the various fields of action, legal areas and capital market instruments, including in particular the contribution of financial market regulation to the integration of financial markets and corporate financing in Germany and Europe, and to identify effects and interactions
  • Contribute to more effective dovetailing of bank and capital market financing in Germany and Europe in order to promote and expand the functioning of an efficient banking system
  • Investigate new trends in the structural transition of the economy and the financial system
  • Explore the interdependencies between financial market stability and economic stability and assess risk factors
  • Participate in the creation of a concrete framework for the development of a European Capital Markets Union and discuss its implications for legal developments in Germany
  • Initiate and promote relevant academic projects, including doctorates and post-doctoral theses, and prepare their results for academia and practice.
  • Link up young academics who are active in relevant subject areas or who are planning or carrying out academic work in this area with practitioners, e.g. within the framework of internships

The foundation organises and hosts own events (expert dialogues between academia and practice) via the Capital Markets Union foundation project. In addition, it supports selected third-party events. The foundation also awards scientific research reports within the defined range of topics of the foundation project, and it comprehensively supports young scientists in selected research projects. So far, events are held in German language only.